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Lewis and Clark Journal 9/03/1803
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Lewis and Clark Journal: 9/02/1803
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Lewis' journal, Day 2
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Its a slow day at work, and while I can't work on the things I really need to at my desk, I can work on little journal comics. So here is a Meriwether Lewis journal comic, taken from day one of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Maybe I'll start doing more of these...theyre fun.

Lewis and Clark Journal Comics
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I just finished chapter two of How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less! In this chapter we explore the Golan Heights and see a crazy propaganda film.

To see a 7 page preview, click HERE

you can also order a copy from my site HERE

I'll be at the Indie Spinner Rack table at the New York Comic Con with Julia Wertz this Saturday from 4-7 if you're there and want to swing by. Also I'll be at the Stumptown Comics Festival in Portland in 2 weeks. I'll be doing a reading art Guapo Comics on the 25th along with Julia, Austin English, Liz Baille and many others. Come by if you live in Portland!

Also, I was somehow nominated for the Maisie Kukoc Award for Comics Inspiration along with Liz Baille, Alex Holden, Rina Ayuyang, Jon Chadurjian and David King. You should vote if you read minicomics. You certainly don't have to vote for my comic, but DO vote! These other guys are all super talented artists and I'm flattered to be nominated with them.

To vote, email Jesse Reklaw for a ballot at reklaw@slowwave.com.

Chapter 2 is Finished!


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Here's my next comic for www.mideastyouth.com. See my last post for an explanation!

This comic was written by Ali, who is from Bahrain.

Please visit their site and if you can, donate a few bucks! The site is almost entirely funded by money from the pockets of the contributors. Not only does mideastyouth provide great articles and essays by really smart people, they also run projects to provide hosting for bloggers in countries where their ideas could get them thrown in prison or worse. And more!

See what projects MEY helps run here: www.mideastyouth.com/projects

Ali's Story page 1

Ali's Story Page 2


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Soooo I got tired of doing journal comics about my life a long time ago, but I still like making journal comics. I wanted to do the same thing, only about other people's lives, preferably far far away. The solution? Mideastyouth.com!

I found this great site one day while surfing for mideast type news, and its a great website. I hesitate to call it a blog; its more like a collection of students, journalists, and activists from the middle east, Iran, asia, the US, all writing, podcasting and videocasting (if thats a word) about issues that affect their lives and societies. The attitude at MEY is very positive and open minded, and the political disagreements that happen in the comments section are more like discussions and less like the usual screeching and shouting that happens on the web.

I liked them so much I asked if I could work with them to bring to life my other-peoples-journal-comics project. I'm a big mushy idealist, and the hope is that by sharing the little personal stories of people from countries that are often really abstract to us in the US (as well as to other countries or eachother) we can become more engaged with the "other" and see how much we have in common. Well I can only speak for myself I guess, but I didnt know much about Syria outside of their connection to Hezbollah before, and the same goes for way too many countries that I read about all the time.

So here's MEY comic number two, written by Tala who is from Syria. Check out the website too! Its great, I promise.

Tala's Story (page 1)

Tala's Story (page 2)

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I dont know why my images are always small on livejournal but if you want to not have to click on every page in order to read it you can go to my webcomicsnation page and see the whole thing there.

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I'll be posting some comics about my recent trip to the pacific northwest, my new favorite place (besides new york of course)

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see more comics here
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